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Infographic – Our Safety in their Hands

The folks at Compliance and Safety LLC sent me a copy of this intriguing infographic regarding a select group of organizations who provide health and safety information and other services around the world. I noticed that the CCOHS is listed as one of these organizations.

I also noted an interesting graph in the OHSA section that shows inspections vs workplace deaths per hundred thousand workers. I posted previously about Workplace Deaths in Canada and indicated that we’re projected to kill 1200 Canadian workers by 2020.

* PLEASE NOTE: August 6, 2012 Update – The infographic below is an update from Compliance and Safety. They have updated the graphic; noting that no reliable data on frequency of safety inspections in Canada was available. It looks like the workplace fatality figure for Canada has also been amended.


A big thanks to the folks at Compliance and Safety for a job well done on the infographic and for giving me permission to post it on my site.


Cause safety to happen in your workplace today and every day…Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy

…and I thought safety was a tough job…try being a cat herder

I saw this video in a meeting today and thought it was hilarious and a wonderful analogy for the challenge of bringing people together on a common cause and moving them forward.

Safety can be a tough job sometimes…I’m just glad that I’m not a cat herder ;-)

Have some fun while you’re causing safety to happen today…Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy

PS…a big thanks to the folks from EDS for their creativity and wonderful sense of humour

Look out for the icebergs ahead…

I’m in Newfoundland for a CSSE Chapter and Board of Directors meeting this week and got the chance to do a little sight seeing.  I thought this scene was stunning and it reminds us to look ahead and under the surface – an important lesson for safety in the workplace.

Look out for icebergs in your travels and cause safety to happen in your workplace today and in the future…Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy