NAOSH Week in BC – Proclamation Video – The BC NAOSH Week Relay

Our friends in BC just keep getting better and better.  In this youtube video the BC NAOSH Week team shows how they’ve engaged communities and organizations across the province in NAOSH Week.

It was great to see some good friends, Kathy Tull and Buck Page, at the end of the video.  Both Kathy and Buck are safety leaders and have made some amazing contributions to the celebration of NAOSH Week in BC and across the country.

Cause safety to happen in your workplace…Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy

The Right Thing to Do – Occupational Hygiene Video from AIHA

I got my start in safety in Occupational Hygiene many years ago and have a deep respect for our American colleagues at the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

AIHA recently put out this video as part of their NAOSH Week celebration. I really like their focus on “The Right Thing to Do” – this is what health and safety is about. Please take the time to view this video to find out more about occupational hygiene and occupational health.

Cause health to happen in your workplace today…Andrew…a Canadian Health and Safety Guy

Occupational Safety & Health Professional Day – A Poster from CSSE

Wednesday, May 9th 2012 is Occupational Safety & Health Professional Day in North America. Check out the link to a pdf poster from the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) for more information about the day.

Please take the time to thank your OHS practitioners.  When we get it right, you don’t even notice because the accident doesn’t happen.  We work hard to make sure you get home safe from your day at work.

I’d like to personally thank a great mentor and friend of mine, Stephen Bahm, from the City of London. Stephen is a consummate health and safety professional and leader and has helped many colleagues along the way.  Thank you Stephen for helping me get my start!

Cause safety to happen today in your workplace….Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy

NAOSH Week 2012 – Making it Work

I got a big kick out of this video from our NAOSH friends in BC.  Great job putting this together!

I love the use of the Doug & the Slugs song.  When I found out that we were using “Making it Work” as the theme for NAOSH Week 2012 I got thinking of the song and how I once set up for the band when I was in university.  I recall they were a pretty heavy band…ie. they had a lot of heavy stuff to carry out of their truck.

Please make it work this NAOSH Week and all year round….Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy