NAOSH Week 2012 – Making it Work

I got a big kick out of this video from our NAOSH friends in BC.  Great job putting this together!

I love the use of the Doug & the Slugs song.  When I found out that we were using “Making it Work” as the theme for NAOSH Week 2012 I got thinking of the song and how I once set up for the band when I was in university.  I recall they were a pretty heavy band…ie. they had a lot of heavy stuff to carry out of their truck.

Please make it work this NAOSH Week and all year round….Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy

Public Rail Safety Week – April 30 to May 6, 2012

I just received an email from my friend Rob Mclean from Operation Lifesaver.  Some of you might recall my post from last year on the same topic where Rob had provided me with some important information about rail crossing safety in Canada.

Rob emailed me to let me know about Public Rail Safety Week 2012 and that it was coming up this week (April 30 to May 6, 2012).   He shared some startling statistics:

  • Railway crossing accidents are up 25% in the first three months of 2012
  • These accidents have resulted in an increase in injuries of 88% and an increase in fatalities of 20%
  • Causes include illegal trespassing on rail property and negligence at highway/railway crossings

For more information about Public Rail Safety Week 2012 and the results of Operation Lifesaver’s Off The Rails Safety Contest please download the press releases below:

Please take the time to check out Public Rail Safety Week and cause rail safety to happen in your community….Andrew…a Canadian Safety Guy